The new Demo Version of the Nanoseismic Suite is now ready for [download]!

Sonicona provides software and services for high-resolution seismic monitoring for different fields of application:

  • active fault mapping
  • aftershock monitoring
  • monitoring of induced seismicity
  • volcano monitoring
  • landslide monitoring
  • structural monitoring

On this webpage we introduce the method of Nanoseismic Monitoring which combines a specific layout of seismic stations by the use of seismic small arrays and an innovative, highly interactive software approach for both, seismic event detection and event localisation. Our software solutions are also suitable for classical seismic networks and are based on two individual methods:

  • Sonoview for intuitive manual and/or automatic event detection based on the visualization of so-called sonograms which allow to detect and locate seismic signals down to the natural noise level.
  • HypoLine for event localisation by highly interactive and real-time updated visualisation of hypocentre location constraints, plus sophisticated diagnosis tools for event analysis including noise forensics.