Test the Nanoseismic Suite Demo on your own machine

The Nanoseismic Suite, consisting of SeisServ, SonoView and HypoLine provides all tools needed for event detection and localization in local and regional seismic networks. SonoView visualizes super-sonograms in a manner to maximize the visible data on one screen. The approach of super-sonograms allows to detect very weak signals down to the natural noise level. An analyst can quickly scroll through the continuous data in SonoView and mark suspicious events for further processing steps.

Unlike other tools, where after phase picking the location process is handled within a black box, HypoLine implements an unique interactive approach of event localization: The solution constraints arising from user input (picks, layer model, hypocenter, …) are visualized in real time. This allows for a forensic approach to event location yielding robust results in presence of low signal-to-noise ratios, weak signals and unknown subsurface layering — situations where the influence of each constraint has to be weighted carefully.

Also, HypoLine is an excellent tool to teach the next generation of Seismologists, allowing students to experiment with the influence of picking strategies and different layer models with direct visual feedback.

The Demo has full functionality, but is constrainted to 4 included demonstration datasets.

You may follow our Step-by-Step guide [link] to event detection and location to experience the full functionality of the Nanoseismic Suite.

Download the Nanoseismic Suite including 4 demo datasets:

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